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We Are One Composites

We Are One started out as a carbon rim manufacturer that has expanded its lineup to mountain bikes, stems and bars. They are 100% made in BC at their facilities in Kamloops.


WR1 products are all carbon. Their first step is to design a metal mould and cut it to shape with their CNC machines. Then, they hand-make every piece using raw carbon fibre and their moulds. Prior to selling, each design is put to the test through prototyping and testing.


WR1 was founded in 2017 in a small warehouse in Kamloops. The initial focus was on carbon rims for mountain bikes. Today, they've expanded to multiple facilities and make wheels, stems, bars, and their very own mountain bike, the Arrival.

Core Beliefs

Their mission is to connect their customers to where their products come from. Each piece is signed by the employee who made it as a sign of pride and commitment to quality over quantity. This is reinforced by their solid warranty. To top it all off, they are pledged to using zero-plastic packaging.


Founder Dustin Adams has been racing since 1994 with placements in the World Cup in 2002. Now, as CEO, he leads an extensive team all out of Kamloops. His rims can be found on the bikes of many top-tier athletes across the world.

We Are One Composites

425 Mount Paul Way, Kamloops, BC, V2H 1A7

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