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Structure Cycleworks

Structure Cycleworks is based in Calgary, Alberta, and has a mission of enhancing the riding experience by pushing the boundaries of innovation. Their claim to fame is their WTF all carbon linkage frame.


Structure utilized thorough modeling and rapid prototyping to check for fit and aesthetics. Then a fully-functional alloy bike was built for testing. Upon proof-of-concept, they built a carbon prototype. Now in full production, assembly occurs in Calgary with components from local companies and frames coming from all over the world.


Founder and CEO, Loni Hull, has a long history on two wheels including founding the Motoczysz motorcycle team that won the Isle of Man TT Zero four times in a row. Structure was born in 2014 with the goal of taking lessons learned in motorsports and applying them to mountain bikes. Their first carbon production bike was launched in 2019 and already has athletes on podiums.

Core Beliefs

Structure lives up to its mission of pushing boundaries. Their linkage design is a clear outlier in the bike industry. They don't conform to the norm and cite that their design has improved stability, handling, and reduced friction compared to typical telescoping forks. What does this mean? Faster riding with less chance of going OTB.


Alongside Loni, Rick Jocson is a co-founder who focuses on the business side of things. The team is fairly lean in Calgary and utilizes an international team of engineers, regional ambassadors, and designers in the development of products.

Structure Cycleworks

Calgary, AB

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