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Foon focuses on creating skis that can handle a variety of terrain; from steep backcountry to carving up groomers. To complement their stock offerings, they have custom-made options. All of their product is hand-made in BC with deep values in sustainability.


Foon's skis are hand-made at their facility in Pemberton, BC. They use locally-sourced yellow cedar to produce a durable and stable ski. To bond the layers, a plant-based eco-epoxy is used along with urethane sidewalls that is achieved using their in-house CNC machinery.


Johnny "Foon" Chilton founded Foon Skis in 2011 after designing for big-name companies and riding competitively for 15 years. He realized that to get the designs he wanted, he would have to make it himself. With the belief that every ski should be made for a specific person, Johnny started to make custom skis.

Core Beliefs

Foon's values lie heavily in sustainability. They believe that there is a balance to be had between economic viability and environmental impact. Foon lives by this wherever possible such as cutting down on transportation by sourcing local wood and using plant-based materials. See for yourself, Foon is partnered with a Certified B Corp which means meeting the highest environmental, social, and governance standards.


The team in Pemberton consists of a handful of people that keep the operation going. These people are a talented group of athletes, enthusiasts, and ski bums. You would definitely have a tough time tracking any of them down on a pow day. Foon is also partnered with their nearby friends Gibbons Whistler.

Foon Skis

#28-7339 Old Mill Road, Pemberton, BC

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